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Sun Simulator Solar Module Test Machine

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1introduction of equipment

It is suitable for the electrical performance test of crystal silicon and amorphous silicon solar modules.

2Equipment parameter

3Product characteristics
1The solar cell module tester is designed with horizontal box and light path, which is suitable for the intermediate and final detection of the electrical performance of the PV module.
2Germany imported pulsed xenon lamp, and equipped with a special optical filter module to ensure that the spectrum of the test light source is correct, long service life.

3、The constant light intensity ensures the constant light intensity in the test area and ensures that the test data are true and reliable. The flash light pulse width of 0 ~ 100 Ms can be adjusted continuously and the step is 1 Ms, which is suitable for different battery modules.
4Digital control ensures testing accuracy, hardware parameters are programmable, and equipment debugging and maintenance are simplified.

Using 2m × 4 high speed synchronous acquisition card, more details of the test curve are restored, which accurately reflects the actual working situation of the battery chip under test.

5Infrared temperature measurement is used to reflect the temperature change of battery chip, and temperature compensation is completed automatically.
Automatic control detects the working state of the battery chip and the main unit circuit in real time in the whole test section and provides software / hardware protection to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.
6Automatic control , detect the working state of battery slice and main unit circuit in real time in the whole test interval , and provide soft / flash count function ( change can be reset to zero reset )